Garena Blockman GO Community Standards

Garena Blockman GO is a global platform for gamers and creators to play, socialize, and express their creativity. Our Community Standards are designed to keep our platform fun and safe for everyone, and as a part of our community, you agree to follow these Community Standards.

We encourage you to report violations of our Community Standards to our Community Moderators so that we can keep Garena Blockman GO as fun and safe a place for everyone as possible. Reports may be submitted directly via the Garena Blockman GO app.

If you violate our Community Standards, we may take action against your account in order to protect other users and our platform from harm. Actions we may take include, but aren't limited to: blocking access to certain features or content, removing content, and suspending or terminating your account.


1.  Child Safety

Garena Blockman GO is a place for users of all ages, including children. Any actions on our platform that may place a child in harm's way will not be tolerated, and we may work with law enforcement agencies where necessary to protect a child. Prohibited activities include sending or requesting media involving child exploitative imagery; grooming/predatory behavior; and sexual or other inappropriate conversation with minors.


2.  Bullying/Harassment

We don't allow users to be individually targeted and ridiculed, stalked, harassed, trolled, or attacked, period. We also don't allow you to encourage this behavior by others.


3.  Terrorist/Extremist Content

You may not support or promote a terrorist or extremist organization on our platform. For instance, you cannot post terrorist or extremist slogans, images, or content; offer support to terrorist or extremist organizations or its leaders; or recruit or encourage joining a terrorist organization. We may also share information with law enforcement where necessary or to help prevent such activity.


4.  Self-Injury

Don't post content which encourages suicide (or provides instructions for suicide), eating disorders, or other acts of self-injury. We care about your health and well-being and may communicate with authorities if we receive a credible report concerning a user's intent to harm themselves.


5.  Hate Speech

Garena Blockman GO welcomes users of all backgrounds. You may not attack another user on the basis of their race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or veteran status. You also may not publish content which discriminates against users based on the above characteristics.


6.  Violent Content

Some Garena Blockman GO minigames and/or user-generated content (“UGC”) may include battles, fights, or other activities involving weapons and/or mild violence. However, there's a limit to the level of violence allowed on our platform. Content that depicts abusive, violent acts (like torture or other human rights violations), are not allowed, nor is content which contains gore or depicts extreme violence (like decapitation).


7.  Offline Dangerous Activities

We don't allow any content which encourages users outside of our platform to engage in physical activities that are intended to be risky and dangerous. For example, content should not promote trending physical challenges, nor should it encourage dangerous physical activities (like playing with fire).


8.  Illegal/Regulated Activities

You are responsible for complying with relevant local laws or regulations, and we may remove content that fails to do so. You may not publish content which depicts illegal activities, such as illegal or regulated drug use (including marijuana, alcohol, tobaco, e-cigarettes, vapes, as well as drug paraphernalia) or creating weapons (like guns or bombs).


9.  Sexual Content

Garena Blockman GO is not the place for posting or discussing sexual content. You are not allowed to publish content depicting or discussing sexual acts or nudity, nor may your avatar wear lewd or sexually suggestive clothing.


10.  Profanity

Please keep language clean, no matter what language you are speaking. Using profanity, including in the heat of competition, is not allowed in any form.


11.  Extortion/Blackmail

Extortion has no place in Garena Blockman GO. You may not threaten another user (e.g., by threatening to reveal personal information) in order to make them do something they would not otherwise do.


12.  Real-World Tragedies

Do not glorify tragic events that occur in the real world.  For instance, you may not celebrate natural disasters, or support mass shootings (or their perpetrators) using our platform.


13.  Political/Controversial Content

We know that politics may play an important part of our users’ lives, but Garena Blockman GO is not intended to be a forum for political debates as they can lead to strong disagreements between users and detract from the fun, positive community and experience we strive to build.  As a result, we don’t allow content that concerns or portrays politicians (current, campaigning, or former), political parties, governments, elections, campaigns, or political issues, including content which advocates for or against a politician, political party, or policy.  

Relatedly, there may be content that is inoffensive to certain groups of users, but which may be controversial, upsetting or offensive to other individuals or groups.  In order to keep Blockman Go a safe and fun experience for as many of our users as possible, we may, in our discretion, remove such content.


14.  Off-Platform Behavior

While we can’t control what our users do outside of Garena Blockman GO, we don’t welcome users to our community who act off our platform in ways that contradict our values and Community Standards.  For example, we may disable the account or access of users who bully or threaten other users or our employees or affiliates, are associated with terrorist or extremist organizations, or who discriminate against other users on the basis of their race or ethnicity on or off of our platform.


15.  Cheating

When everyone plays by the same rules, everyone has a chance to compete and have fun.  Unfair play ruins that experience and makes Garena Blockman GO less fun for all. Don’t be a cheater, and don’t help others to cheat.


16.  Scams

We don’t want scammers on our platform.  You are prohibited from deploying any scams of any kind on our platform, including phishing, buying or selling Garena Blockman GO accounts, or using artificial means to inflate statistics in order to attract visitors.


17.  Spammy Behavior

Don’t spam other users.  For instance, posting the same content over and over again on message boards is not allowed; say what you need to say, but please don’t spam the chat.


18.  Misrepresentations

Don’t mislead users by pretending to be someone who you aren’t, whether holding yourself out as another real person or their online persona.  We don’t limit your avatar handle or design to your real life name or appearance, but we don’t want your actions on our platform to be mistakenly attributed to someone else.  


19.  IP Violations

You are not permitted to violate intellectual property rights on our platform, period. As outlined in our Terms of Service, we will review reports of infringing content and remove content from our platform where necessary.  Please make sure you have permission to use someone else’s content (such as music, images, designs, or code) before publishing it on Garena Blockman GO.


20.  Contests and Sweepstakes; Gambling

There are a large number of minigames and competitions on our platform, but we do not allow any minigames or contests that give away GCubes as prizes. We also do not allow any kind of gambling on Garena Blockman GO, and we also do not allow the depiction of gambling where it is prohibited by local laws or regulations. We do not allow any UGC or content in which users may stake, wager or exchange any real life currency, GCubes, or other items or virtual items redeemable for value.


21.  Directing Users Off-Platform

To keep our users secure, you may not link Garena Blockman GO users to external, third party websites. This includes posting URLs in chat threads.


22.  Cybersecurity

In order to keep our platform safe and secure, you are prohibited from attempting to access another user’s account or the Garena Blockman GO platform using any sort of invasive or unauthorized means. You may not, for example, launch malware (or deceive another user into downloading malware) on another user’s device; gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access (i.e., hack) another user’s account; engage in any kind of cyberattack; or use a VPN to access content or features not otherwise available in your region.


23.  Privacy

You may not share your or any other user’s personal or private information on our platform.  This includes personal identifying information (such as name, identification numbers, or documents containing such information), as well as email addresses, passwords, digital identifiers, financial information (such as bank account information), contact information, medical records, images of yourself or others, and unauthorized recordings of others (including in particular images or recordings of minors).


24.  Evading Restrictions

We may place restrictions on a user’s account in order to protect our community, as well as educate users on our Community Standards. If you have a restriction placed on your account, you are not permitted to attempt to circumvent that restriction. For example, if your account is disabled, you are not permitted to open a new account to avoid having your account restricted.  Similarly, you are not permitted to attempt to post content that has been previously removed by our Community Moderators.  


Last updated: 30 June 2022